This directory contains simulated time histories that can be used to match the NBCC 2005 Uniform Hazard Spectra for a range of Canadian sites. The time histories are described in the preprint given in Atkinson2009_cjce.pdf, which has been accepted for publication in Can. Journal of Civil Engineering.

The directory "east" contains the accelerograms and response spectra for eastern Canada, "west" contains the accelerograms and response spectra for western Canada. The files in each directory are *.zip files that can be extracted using the Winzip program.

Note that a zero-pad of about 20 seconds is retained at the beginning and end of every record to allow double-integration to displacement. See Boore and Bommer (2005) for details.

Boore, D. and J. Bommer (2005). Processing of strong-motion accelerograms: needs, options and consequences. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 25, 93-115.