Canadian Seismograph Databases

  1. Southwest Canada time histories
  2. Southeast Canada time histories
  3. North Canada time histories

    Verification of seismographic records with2005 MN5.4 Riviere du Loup earthquake data

  4. Val des Bois,Que. earthquake

Compiled Response Spectra Databases

  1. Southwest Canada
  2. Southeast Canada
  3. North Canada
  4. Hawaii
Induced Seismicity Databases

The induced seismicity ground motion databases include instrument-corrected time series and response spectra from publicly-available sources.
The IS Strong Motions set includes a limited set of records of stronger motions, intended for engineering applications. There is the original published database from Assatourians and Atkinson (2019) (V1) and updated expanded versions that include additional records of interest, processed the same way (V2).
  1. Assatourians and Atkinson (Documentation: 2019, CJCE paper)
  2. V1 response spectra database table
  3. V2 response spectra database table
  4. Processed time history files
The Large Database set includes a response spectra database automatically compiled from thousands of records. This database is under developement.